Payroll Software

Why Need Payroll Software?

Payroll Software Singapore is very since April 2016 as its made compulsory to print itemized pay slip in Singapore. Payroll software such as EZ Payroll / MYOB Payroll / Sage-UBS Payroll serve an important needs during month end when you need to submit CPF in Singapore online. Imagine you can do the submission within few minutes using payroll software at a low cost to you, why not get one to solve the hazard of manually doing it.

Payroll Software

Advantages of having Payroll Software Singapore:

  • Employees particulars database
  • Expiry of permit expiry prompting
  • Allowance table computation
  • Deductions table computation
  • Itemised Payslip
  • Salary reporting
  • Leave management
  • E-leave submission
  • E-claim for employee
  • SDL auto computation
  • and many more…

One of the payrolls is EZ Payroll which can be linked to EZ Accounting, same goes to Sage_Ubs Accounting which can link to its Sage_Ubs Payroll Too which makes it easy for an accountant to view whole company expense easily in profit and loss reporting real time.

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