Why Small Business People Need MYOB Accounting Software

Why Small Business People Need MYOB Accounting Software

Accounting software sales due to items being out of stock, funds blocked in overstocked slow moving items, disguised gross losses due to incorrect pricing and inventory costing, unreported frauds and thefts, skyrocketing warehouse costs due to unplanned and mis-calculated order quantities, unforeseen production pauses due to non-availability of raw materials, loss of customers due to non-servicing of sales orders and the list goes on and on.

And then to think of more than one warehouses, production units, and branches not to mention goods in transit with multiple logistic partners, sales and purchase returns, samples received or sent, stock lying with job workers, work in process materials, purchase orders not yet received and the lost again goes on and on.

Is any business capable of surviving the lack of a payroll software  inventory management system? I don’t think so. So unless you are planning to walk around your warehouse twice a day counting the quantities of every item in your stock and unless you have the memory of an elephant to recall this on your fingertips every time the telephone rings with a customer on the other side, you need to go out there and get yourself a payroll software  inventory management system.

An inventory management system impacts more areas of your business than you think. It is not merely about entering a set of keys to generate a list of your stock at the day end. It is about integrating your purchase, production and sales to get a comprehensive picture of your business at any given point of time. An payroll inventory system is the blood flow of any business which connects the brain with the heart.

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