The Advantages of a Computerized Payroll System

The Advantages of a Computerized Payroll System

Today, when it’s time to go to work and clock in for the job, the best way to do that is through a computer system that keeps track of a workweek.  Traditionally, most employee work hours have been kept on time cards or sheets that would have to be filled out for each day worked, and then turned in at the end of the week to the HR department or bookkeepers.  But this job has been made easier because of payroll software that can be used to record work times, and store them in a database for easy access.

One advantage to having a computerized timekeeping system is that it is not very expensive to purchase, even for smaller businesses and it is usually not difficult to install on company computers.  The cost for this kind of  Accounting software can vary, depending on the vendor and the features available, but different versions and programs are usually available to accommodate the business size, infrastructure, and ease of use.  And for most computerized timekeeping programs, they’re very simple for employees to clock in or out of and once they’ve done that, they’re all set to start their work period or end it.

Another advantage to having this kind of payroll system is that tracking employee hours can be done with simple searches in the database, and errors they may have made while clocking in or out are usually easier to correct.  Timesheets can end up being forgotten or lost, or perhaps an employee was in a hurry to get to lunch they forgot to record the break.  Hour tracking through a computer program is much easier when there are discrepancies to address or when the books are being audited than having to dig up old-time cards that might be buried in file folders in a cabinet or even thrown out.

Sometimes payroll software even gives employees reminders that their break periods are not quite over or notifies them that they’ve put in overtime hours.  Usually, timekeeping programs can have overtime pay functions built into them and calculate adjusted amounts into the paycheck.  So while upgrading business infrastructure to use an electronic time tracking system may cost some money, money can be saved over the long run by having a reliable way to backup workweek data, and a way that’s easier both for employers and employees to manage their work times.


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