Sage UBS Accounting

Sage_UBS Accounting

Why Sage_UBS Accounting Singapore?

Sage_UBS Accounting Software(also known as Sage_UBS Accounting) serves an important to any company who require detail reporting of their daily accounts transaction needs. It allows you to generate financial reporting and profit margin reporting at any time which makes it’s easy to use by anybody who had no accounting knowledge.

Ubs Accounting

Functions Of Sage_Ubs Accounting Software:

  • Multi companies
  • Multi-users
  • Multi-level of accounting grouping
  • Bank ledger
  • Cash flow statement
  • Statement of account

Ubs Accounting Software

Sage_Ubs Accounting is also linked to its Sage_Ubs Inventory Software which makes it easy for a company to monitor its stock together with its accounting software and reporting can be view real-time.

Basic Sage_Ubs Accounting Software Video Guide:

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