PSG grant accounting software Singapore

Find out PSG grant accounting software Singapore

Singapore’s government introduced a new initiative called the PSG grant accounting software, Singapore. Which will provide funding some percent (%) of the cost of off-the-shelf solutions for Small and medium enterprises(SMEs).
We are proud to be the Pre Approved ISP provider under PSG (Productivity Solutions Grant) grant. You can now purchase EZ Accounting and Inventory software with up to an 70% PSG Grant.
Singapore registered companies keen to boost productivity by adopting IT solutions and equipment can now tap this simplified grant with effect from the 21st of June 2018.

Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) Up To 70% – Pre Approved ISP Provider

The Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) was introduced by Enterprise Singapore to support and encourage little Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Singapore to adopt IT solutions for enhancing business processes. The PSG Grants area unit any increased as proclaimed at Supplementary Budget 2020 to fund up to eightieth for IT solutions and instrumentality. SMEs area unit powerfully inspired to kick-start medical care for his or her business with PSG support and funding, like Xero register Grant Singapore to assist with productivity solutions grants for accounting computer code. can|this may|this can} be particularly useful for SMEs in Singapore as PSG grants for accounting will build obtainable Xero for SMEs in Singapore.

1. Who Are Eligible?

SMEs can apply for PSG Singapore if they meet the following criteria:

  • Must be registered and operating in Singapore
  • Minimum local shareholding must be 30%
  • Annual revenue does not go above $100 million or the employment size must not be above 200 employees

2. How To Apply?

Here are the simple steps you should follow while applying for PSG Singapore:

  • Get a quotation from us (Pre-Approved vendor – User basic software Pte Ltd).
  • You will need to register for a CorpPass account to log in to the Business Grant Portal (BGP). Fill and apply the BGP.

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