Simple Guide to Transfer Quicken From a PC to a MAC

Simple Guide to Transfer Quicken From A PC to a MAC

Quicken software is one of the Singapore accounting software to track business information such as finances, invoices, and payments. Such information can read effectively by the MAC computer. This feature enables the business owner to transfer quicken from PC to MAC. To transferring the quicken files you have to install that software on both MAC and Windows.

Prepare File to Export

  • First, install the Quicken accounting software in the PC
  • Then Go to Toolsà Account list
  • If you want to view the hidden accounts just click the OptionàView Hidden Accounts
  • Then click Manage Accounts. In that section, you need to uncheck all the “hide in quicken” checkboxes
  • If any of the account named with special characters or more than 15 characters just right-click the account name and press Edit button to enter the new file
  • Select all financial data which contains personal cash flow and business information and click the “Accept All” button
  • Then export the financial data and save in QIF file format
  • And enter the file name as “Accounts.qif” and hit the OK button
  • Select the account which you want to transfer from pc to Mac version of Quicken from the “Quicken Account to Export From” section
  • During the export process you have to select the data range for transactions then select the “Account” before that you have to select “the export only your Accounts file” checkbox.
  • Follow the same procedure for Securities, Categories, and Transactions. Then, press “OK” Button.

Then insert the CD which is formatted in FAT file format. Then only such files can be accessed in both Macintosh and Windows computers.

Import to Mac

  • First, open the Quicken software on your Mac and Select File à New à File
  • Then select New Quicken File and Hit OK button
  • Then enter the appropriate information into the Create Data File dialog box and hit the Create button
  • At that time if the New Account Assistant window appears, just click the cancel button
  • To import the Quicken file insert the CD in the disk drive and press File à Import à From QIF.

By pressing the Open button “Account” file will open from your CD

Follow the same procedure for Securities, Categories, and Transactions.

This post helps you in transferring the Quicken file from PC to Mac. If you want to know “Which Is Better One in the comparison of Quicken and Mint” Just Read the blog QUICKEN VS. MINT If you are looking for any other Singapore accounting software like MYOB software, PSG Grant Inventory Software, Accpac accounting for your business Ring us on 65-6746 2613 or 65-6227 1797 or email us for the free live demo!! Hurry up!!

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