How to Tackle Poor Inventory Management using EZOfficeinventory?

How to Tackle Poor Inventory Management using EZOfficeinventory?


EZOfficeinventory is a cloud-based asset tracking software which enables you to manage the physical and technological assets and control inventory stock. Through this software, you can easily monitor the entire asset life cycle such as purchase order creation, draft up service tickets and vendor managing effectively. By using the EZOfficeinventory software you can take a well-informed business decision. Because of this software have some unique features such as simple depreciation management, scan-based audits, and actionable reports. And it uses the location and possession histories to track a large amount of the assets.

Factors Leading To Poor Inventory Management

  • Increased Cost
  • Impossible to track inventory
  • Decreased Employees productivity
  • Ineffective Decision Making
  • Unavailability of inventory stock
  • Delays in asset assignment
  • Time Consumption
  • Conflicting relationship with vendors

Simple Ways to Tackle Poor Inventory Management

EZOfficeInventory Software for Error-Free Inventory Management

For effective inventory management, planning is playing a major role. If the shop doesn’t have new arrival and trending product or having less stock in the old consumable product that shows the improper inventory management. To resolve such issue use the cloud-based asset tracking software (EZOfficeInventory). This software tracks the inventory item using the barcode labels and asset tags. And it also records the usage trends.

The Balance between Overstocking and Understocking

In supply chain management Inventory optimization is an overwhelming task. It is a challenging task when the business struggle between overstock and understock. Automated inventory management can resolve challenging inventory issues particularly stock enhancement.

Stay Up-to-date with Inventory Alerts

When the inventory is managed manually that may cause an error in tracking and consumes more time. For inventory management and equipment tracking businesses, you have to manage stock across multiple warehouses, maintain inventory levels, and fulfill asset assignments and orders. For this purpose use the inventory alerts which can be created and sent via email to admin and users. These alerts can be easily customizable based on business requirements.  This alert includes low threshold on inventory, sale/purchase of inventory, transfer/request stock, inventory level at XYZ location, etc…Through these alerts, you can easily track the overstocking and under-stocking.

Few benefits of Inventory alerts

  • Reduce stock waste
  • Optimized inventory levels
  • Improved visibility of inventory stock data


Through this post, you will learn about inventory management and how to tackle poor inventory management using the EZOfficeInventory.  Now, are you looking for the best Singapore inventory management software for your business needs? You are in the right place! Just Ring us @ +65-6746 2613 or +65-6227 1797 for free live demo! Or ping us @ Hurry up!!

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