The Advantages of employing Computerized Accounting software system

The Advantages of employing Computerized Accounting software system

Let me begin this text by saying I’m a certified accountant who has educated accounting at a spread of levels for over eighteen years. I actually have additionally worked extensively as a business adviser for little and medium-sized enterprises. I’m regularly stunned once I come upon a business either not employing a computerized accounting package or using unfold sheets to try and do their accounts. Thus I made a decision to write down a brief article on the advantages of employing a computerized accounting package.  The package is taken advantage of for our tiny to medium business is the MYOB accounting (Mind Your Own Business) code.

Small and medium-sized businesses will currently purchase ‘off the shelf accounting programs at remarkably low value.  Larger businesses can typically have custom programs created for their business.  The accounting programs do functions like invoicing, addressing payments, paying wages, and providing regular accounting reports like trading and profit and loss accounts and balance sheets.


The introduction of computerized accounting systems offers major benefits like speed and accuracy of operation, and, maybe most significantly, the flexibility to ascertain the time period state of the company’s monetary position.  In my expertise, I actually have ne’er seen a business that has upgraded to a computerized register come to paper-primarily based accounting systems. A typical computerized accounting package can provide a variety of various facilities.  These include:

  • On-screen input and printout of sales invoices
  • Automatic change of customer accounts within the sales ledger
  • Recording of suppliers’ invoices
  • Automatic change of suppliers’ accounts within the purchases ledger recording of bank receipts
  • Creating payments to suppliers and for expenses
  • Automatic change of the overall ledger
  • Automatic adjustment of stock records
  • Integration of business information with the accounting program
  • Automatic payroll calculation and associated entries.

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