Basic Functions of Quicken Software

Quicken Basic Functions

Quicken is one of the financial management software developed by Quicken Inc. This software’s basic functions are very useful for personal and business usage. Such basic functions are

  • Tax deduction tracking
  • Monitors spending
  • Prints checks
  • Bank account and credit card tracking

Tax Deduction Tracking

Tax deduction tracking is one of the basic functions of Quicken software.  Before tracking your tax deductions you have to collect the list of deductions you need to track.  To track tax deductions, haul out last year’s tax return. In that, you have to fill the following details such as Perhaps mortgage interest, property taxes, state income taxes, and charitable contributions etc. This technique works well because there’s darn good chance which the tax deduction you claimed last year will also be the tax deductions you’ll claim in the future.

Monitors spending

You can utilize Quicken to monitor spending on the ordinary little necessities of life; that is groceries, clothing, dog food, cable television etc. Then you will get a clear picture of spending. By using the quicken categories you can easily track how much you spend on various products. You can create and maintain various categories on Quicken software. Some of the sample categories are

  • Car
  • Clothing
  • Entertainment and vacation
  • Groceries
  • Household expenses (besides food)
  • Insurance
  • Medical and dental
  • Rent (or mortgage payments)
  • Taxes
  • Utilities (electric, water, cable television)
  • Work expenses

Prints Checks

By using quicken you can print checks. You can also print several checks and that are looks like professional. To print the checks you need to look through the check supply information which comes from quicken and select the perfect styled check forms. After that, order the form.

If you are using Quicken for business, you need to buy business style check that may be expensive. If you are paying a bill through online there is no need to prints check with Quicken. If required you can print it. By using the quicken software you can also print invoice forms.

Bank Account and Credit Card Tracking

You can track each bank account which you use and credit card which you carry a balance. You can also able to track your assets and liabilities. Assets are house, investments etc. Liabilities are margin loans from your broker, car loans, a mortgage etc.

These are the basic functions of the Quicken software. Now you will learn about the quicken benefits. If you want to know more about the Quicken software read the blog: QUICKEN VS. MINT – WHICH IS BETTER ONE?  Are you decide to buy quicken software Now? You can call us on @ 65-6746 2613 or 65-6227 1797 or Email us on and book your accounting software’s live demo!! Hurry up!! Get your best offers!! And we also are providing various accounting software such as payroll software, point of sale software, inventory management software, UBS accounting software, cloud accounting software etc.

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