Benefits of Regular Quicken Backup

Benefits of Regular Quicken Backup

Some quicken users never back up their information and don’t comprehend its significance. Quicken backup is an important one to preserve your financial data such as reports, passwords, accounts, and attachments.  Through the quicken backup, you can easily safeguard your record.  Quicken backup extension is QDF. For the most part, Quicken applications are set to consequently attempt for backup on each third exit, with the goal that users must not miss to back up their vital updates. You can customize that setting to attempt for backup on each exit or to never attempt.

A few users make manual sections in the Quicken register and keep up their records. And few users download automatic transactions from the banks along with manual passages. These kinds of clients can’t afford any type of data corruption or loss; in this way, we prescribe clients to keep different duplicates of information records on alternate places.

Quicken file can be used in many conditions such as

  • Installing a new Quicken application
  • Quicken file got corrupted
  • Lost information in a data file
  • Unable to open Quicken data file
  • Transfer Quicken Windows to Mac
  • Downloaded duplicate entries
  • Mistakenly created duplicate bank accounts
  • Deleted some transaction entries by mistake
  • Transferring Quicken to a new computer device

Quicken software available with online cloud backup facility. You can simply store the quicken data on a cloud by signing up the dropbox account. So you can restore such data anytime on any device without any issues.

Here you will get the guide to Manual Quicken Files Backup using Dropbox

  • First, create a separate folder in name of Quicken Backup filer in your Dropbox folder
  • Then open your quicken application and make Backup Quicken File
  • To Backup Quicken File click Backup and Restore button
  • In Quicken Backup Window
  • While making the quicken backup you have to check the add date to the backup file name
  • Then select the option Backup on my pc or hard drive > change button
  • Then Save window will pop up. If you don’t see your Windows Explorer, press Browse folder.
  • After that go to Dropbox folder and open the Quicken Backup file which was created in the beginning.
  • Then click Backup Now on the Quicken Backup Window.
  • Quicken will now remember your destination so you want to have to go to the Dropbox folder each time.

Through these steps, you can simply backup your Quicken files using Dropbox folder. Read our blog to know more about the Quicken Basic Functions. We hope that you will learn about the Quicken backup benefits and how to do quicken backup.  If you want to know more about the Quicken software or any other accounting software just call us on 65-6746 2613 or 65-6227 1797 or Email us on  Hurry up!!

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