Types of POS Integrations

Integrating the POS system with another system is one of the benefits of a cloud-based POS system. By using the cloud-based system you can easily store and retrieve the point of sale data. And you can also integrate the POS system with any other software like inventory software, payroll software etc.

While integrating the POS system with other software you will get some doubts. Such as whether the POS integration meets my needs?  It purely depends on the types of integration you are looking for. In our blog post, you will learn about the few types of POS integrations.

Marketing POS Integrations

If you are using email or text message marketing for your business you can use this kind of integration. If you are not utilizing the marketing POS integration feature for your business, then you have to record your customer details manually in your marketing system. Through the marketing POS integration, your pos system automatically stores the customer details (such as customer name, phone number, Email etc) in the marketing system. The primary advantage of POS marketing integration saves lots of time. By using the marketing POS integration feature you will get more to work with something beyond contact information. And you can also track the customer purchase history, purchase frequency, totally spent, a total number of orders, as well as custom fields associated with a customer etc. Marketing POS integration, allows you to do powerful marketing automation with targeted campaigns.

Accounting POS Integrations

By using the accounting POS integration feature you can track the sales information from the POS system to the accounting system. Sales information likes invoices, customer data, as well as purchase order and inventory data etc.

Accounting integration usually undergoes a great deal of investigation since they manage your financials, and they’re regularly utilized by the accountant (who will, in general, be very conscientious). In the event that you’re looking into setting up an accounting POS integration, at that point you should ensure that your bookkeeper is made mindful of this, they will probably offer some contribution on the procedure. By using the accounting integration system you can track accounts receivable and inventory values in your accounting system.

These are the few types of POS integration. If you’re looking for a POS system that can integrate with a specific system, Contact our Singapore accounting software support team at +6562271797 / +6567462613 or Email us on info@userbasicsoftware.com.  We also offer Custom solution software which will help you to handle all the financial aspects of your business


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