Restaurant ERP Software Features

Every restaurant business owners use an ERP Software System to track their workflow and to manage daily operations. By using this system, you can able to record the transactions and account status. It also helps with staff management.

Restaurant Kitchen Staff

Restaurant kitchen staffs are responsible for meal preparation, inventory management, and other necessary tasks. By using the ERP software, you can able to assign orders to multiple workstations. After the order is assigned, everyone gets to start their work. Through the ERP system, order completion statuses send a signal to the waiter.

ERP software has the following functionalities

  • Menu Management
  • Customization of Orders
  • Food Service Suppliers receipts
  • Recipe Management


The workers who are visible to customers directly are the wait staff.

  • Table Reservations – Using the ERP Software, you can record the customer reservation information such as Table number, time, group size and location request, etc.
  • Placement of Order
  • Multiple Payment Options – ERP software allows multiple payment modes such as cash, credit card, debit card, discount cards, and gift vouchers. It also has a bill splitting feature.
  • Bus Status Notification – ERP software provides automatic notification to bus staff to clean the table after the party function finishes. It also provides information to the host if the table is ready for the next customer.
  • Orders Completion Message – If the kitchen staff completed the order, the ERP system sends the signal to serve the food.
  • Waiting Queue Feature – ERP provides information about the sitting arrangements.

Managing Business Operations

  • Employees Attendance reports – Employees’ attendance reports are tracked along with payroll reports.
  • Prevent Internal Theft – ERP software tracks inventory levels and usages. It provides automatic notification for any discrepancies.
  • Real-time Sales Reports – This software provides sales reports in different metrics.
  • Customer Loyalty Program – It helps restaurant owners to track the frequency of customer visits.
  • Customer Feedback – ERP software has customer relationship management0020tool to track customer feedback and offer campaigns.
  • Productivity analyses – helps you to track the performance of each employee.

These are the few features of Restaurant ERP Software. Do you want ERP Software for your Restaurant business? Call us at (65) 6227 1797 / (65) 6742613 to book your software demo!!  You can also Email us at

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