Functions and Advantages of EZ Accounting System

EZ Accounting systems can help businesses in various ways, and in the present day, we’ll show you the firm reasons why you should start using accounting software to boost your business. The main benefit is you don’t need to be a financial professional to use this software. Their interface is quite user-friendly and you can use the software effectively with our effective training and with just a bit of knowledge. Here we clearly explain to you the functions and advantages of EZ Accounting software in brief.

Customer / Supplier database creation – Information of database can retrieve anytime with a filter search

Create Chart of Account – Alphanumeric accounts code and level of grouping can be created to view

Allow auto post from Sales Transaction at Inventory and Billing System to reflect at Sales Journal or manually input in – Real-time reporting can be view as transaction. Posted and Statement of Account reflected

The input of Daily Purchase and Expenses – Able to update to all financial reporting and Profit and Loss and General Ledger

GST Reporting – Auto compute GST between Input and Output Tax. Based on transaction input automatically

Bank Reconciliation- Able to tick against those transacted and do a reconciliation reporting showing which Cheque is cleared

General Journal – Able to pass journal on real-time system

Project Costing Accounting – Able to compare between each different project Profit and Loss or detail project reporting, to help management monitor each project

Assign Different Pricing Table – Able to assign and ease the work of remembering each

To Each Group of Customer or Supplier – Client pricing as the system will auto-compute based on the one-time setting

Payment Terms of Client and Credit Limit – Able to control and minimize. Bad debts incurred as the system will prompt should it hit the limit

Full Set of Financial Reporting – Real-time viewing of Profit and Loss / Balance Sheet / Trail Balance can be view

Budgeting Account – Detail budget and variance reporting can be view. Which ease workload of manual computation

Multi-Currency Accounting Reporting – Able to view in home and source currency reporting. Which ease the need for manual computation

Multi Home Currency Converted to SGD GST (Customize for Oil and Gas Industry)- Home currency set to USD, which will auto-compute all GST to SGD automatically without passing journal

Auto Revaluation of Currency – Able to run auto revalue of Multi Currency and next month Profit and Loss will auto reverse back which ease the job of passing journal

Drill in Function to See Detail Accounting – Able to double click at Financial Reporting to view break down within few seconds

Detail Aging Reporting – Break down of each lump sum figure of each client can be view

Detail Sales Analyses Reporting – Top 50 sales and charts can be viewed with Charts Analysis and Search Filters such as by salesman or category

Petty Cash Input – Able to input daily petty cash

Print Receipt and Payment Vouchers and Cheques- Able to print Receipts / Payment Vouchers and Cheques once transaction. Input without the need to write on paper

Multi-Level Chart of Account – Able to group different Chart of Account level

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