Features of EZOfficeInventory Software

Features of EZOfficeInventory Software

EZOfficeInventory is a cloud-based inventory management solution intended for all kind of organizations. Through this software, you can do following things such as bar-code scanning, supplier management; re-order management, purchasing, and usage tracking.

The inventory management functionality of the solution enables clients to follow inventory levels utilizing QR codes and bar-code tags. EZOfficeInventory highlights a mobile application with the bar-code and QR code scanning functionality, which enables clients to track their inventory utilizing cell phones.

Features in various sections such as

  • Asset Management
  • User Management
  • Maintenance Management
  • Reports and Notifications

Asset Management Features

Track the complete asset

A complete asset management solution that comes with a comprehensive log for every asset,- beginning from procurement all way through to retirement.

Improve operational work processes

Enhance your hardware inventory management by streamlining work processes. Recognize what’s required, by whom, and when it’s expected back.

Manage assets across locations

Regardless of whether your benefits are spread out crosswise over states, departments, or groups, EZOfficeInventory has got you secured. Likewise accompanies Access Control.

User Management Features

Client Roles

Manage resources more productivities by characterizing client roles. Staff Users have confined access while Admins can alter things and run reports.

Login enabled

Have individuals sign in to the system to refresh resource data. You can also impair this for individuals you’d like to assign things to yourself.

Log in with Google/Outlook

Sign in to EZOfficeInventory utilizing your Google or Outlook.com credentials. We aim for simplification and usefulness, all packaged into one!

LDAP Server Integration

LDAP servers store registry information. You can empower representatives in your association to utilize their LDAP accreditations to get to their record.


Reinforce security and improve verification forms by giving clients a solitary URL to sign in with utilizing SAML SSO.

Maintenance Management

Administration Triage

Automatically put the products into service upon check-in. This makes support work processes a ton smoother and altogether brings down equipment downtimes.

Support Alerts

Convey alarms to relevant parties on service initiation, completion, extension, or comments. The alarm messages can also be customized.

Scheduled Maintenance

Plan support on resources well ahead of time. Scheduling service tickets empower impeccable preventive maintenance management.

Service Vendor Management

Use CMMS Software to manage upkeep suppliers with the Vendors module. Record the sort, number, and cost of service to upgrade support work processes.

Service History

This gives a preview of all service events identifying with an explicit asset. Track trends in expense and monitor service type to enhance resource productivity.

Work Order Management

Make work orders include related parts, and dole out these requests to individuals to remain on top of tasks. You can utilize this information to track staff performance and schedule vital tasks effectively.

Reports and Notifications

Custom Alerts

Send email-based updates for specific events, pick which alarms get conveyed, and modify email content for each alarm type.

Custom Reports

Our equipment management software accompanies extensive productivity boosting reports. You can also make a custom report for analysis, or load a save format.

Data Backups

Need previews of your information to be accessible for offline use? Automate data exports to Dropbox on standard interims. You can even sync all of your files to Dropbox with the click of the button.

Report Exports

Default and custom reports can be easily exported as PDF or CSV file. Those files can also upload to Dropbox.

Customized Views

You can customize your views as of how you want to see it.

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