Cloud-Based Accounting Software Security Concerns

In the accounting software world, cloud accounting software is the latest technology. Because that software has lots of features such as easy to access, Mobile access, able to integrate with accounting software. A major advantage is a security. Some other considerations to be put in mind while outsourcing accounting such as

  • Lack of physical control of servers
  • Data transmission
  • May affected by loopholes and exploits etc

The most important security concerns are

  • Physical hardware security
  • User account access
  • Multi-tenancy

Physical hardware security

The cloud service provider hosts the application and data on location. To access these data you have to connect the cloud accounting application via app or browser. If you don’t have physical access to control the security, you have to contact the cloud service provider to know about the data center security, data redundancy, backup procedures, and processes. Do you want to know more about cloud accounting software? Visit the Cloud Accounting software Page.

User account access

Users can able to access the data and functions present in the cloud-based application. Before using the cloud-based accounting software you have to know whether the accounts are audited, is hard to disable accounts, etc. Cloud accounting software always provides custom user access levels to control data security. If you want an identification point for user access, it is available as a beneficial feature to leverage.


Cloud service providers share the hardware for hosting. This means they provide share space for multiple clients which may cause some hacking issues. If the hacker hacks another Company, your data is also caught in the crossfire. So you have to contact the cloud service provider to keep your sensitive data in the private cloud. You can also use the API (Application Programming Interfaces) for security purposes. By using the API you can customize the cloud accounting experience.

These are the major security concerns with cloud accounting software. Do you want to know more about cloud accounting software? Keep in touch with us!! We (User Basic Software) are the best accounting software provider in Singapore. We are offering various accounting software such as payroll software, POS Software, Custom solution software, Sage UBS Accounting software, MYOB software, etc. Book your software now!! Call us on +65-6746 2613 or +65-6227 1797 (9 Lines) and Email us at to get your software live demo!!


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