Top Accounting Trends in 2018

Accounting plays an important role in the performance of any business. Over the years there have been a number of changes in the way accounting is carried out. Many accounting and bookkeeping companies are embracing the trends in accounting in order to reshape their business and simplify their work to a great extent. Let’s take a moment to speak about the top accounting trends in 2018 and further than.

Cloud Accounting

Most businesses depend on the cloud for various functions from data storage to connectivity and reducing business costs. A promising accounting trend, Cloud accounting paves the way for enhanced collaboration with team members and a better overview of the business’ finances. Cloud Accounting requires a software that runs on servers and connectivity to the internet.


Automation of accounting is a trend that can save businesses a big amount of time when it comes to accounting. It is slowly eliminating the need for manual data entry and saving businesses a huge number of production hours. It is planned to reduce the load of manual bookkeeping and accounting, and use that time to deal with actual real-time accounting issues. Automating accounting is tremendously advantageous for entrepreneurs and small business owners. In addition to automation in accounting, automating their marketing solutions is also trending today.

Social Media Strategy

Using social media strategy for accounting is also gaining popularity this year as business owners are becoming more active on social media. This trend in accounting is not just beneficial for accounting firms but also for the customers who are able to gather information themselves, which provides clarity when it comes to choosing the services provided by an accounting firm.

Collaborative Accounting

Collaborative accounting may not be a new term at all, although a new variety of collaborative accounting involves using the internet and trending technology to work together in real-time regardless of their location. It is the future of accounting.


Outsourcing accounting most importantly enables businesses to focus on their key business before building an accounting department. Outsourcing accounting services can help businesses cut down costs, and also reduce the risk of scam and provide access to the services of dedicated professionals in the field.

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