All in One Mobile ,Ipad POS System at User Basic Software

All in One Mobile  ,Ipad POS System at User Basic Software

User Basic software   is a next generation, all in one, mobile iPad POS system that’s brought to you on a cloud-based platform. User Basic Software brings the “WOW” factor to your restaurant and provides all the tools needed to increase sales, productivity, customer service, experience, loyalty and retention.

POS accounting software functionality with digital menus, mobile ordering, social media, and a wide array of business management tools such as reservation, scheduling, and payroll systems. Restaurant staff can place orders directly from their mobile phones which instantaneously print in the kitchen. Accepting payments tableside generates faster service, quicker table turnover and less wait time for consumers. POS accounting Software  “visual” point of sale concept is designed to increase order side and streamline productivity.

POS accounting software   help increase sales by  increase order size and faster order processing. This gives customers the speed and convenience that has been lacking in many areas of food industry including Quick Service Restaurants.


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