How to Increase the Productivity with a Solutions Grant through Enterprise Singapore?

As an entrepreneur, you need to improve your productivity to increase your profits, but you face a challenge in affording tech productivity solutions. Through the productivity solution grant, financial support is offered by the Singapore government.

PSG makes tech profitability solutions increasingly reasonable for small businesses in Singapore. Make your business processes efficient to help reduce work expenses and increase profitability with assistance from this government grant option.

Productivity solution grant application is a combination of several previous grant schemes. This application is implemented on April 1, 2018.  PSG covers up to 70% of the cost for selected IT solutions and equipment that help your business processes and enhance profitability. If your business is in these sectors such as retail, food, logistics, precision engineering, construction, and landscaping, then you will get industry-specific solutions under the grant. If your business falls in the food sector you will qualify for tools such as automated cake slicer, high-speed oven or vertical carousel, etc.

If your business falls outside these sectors then also you will get a grant for other solutions such as customer management, data analytics, financial management, and inventory tracking, etc.,

For PSG you have to meet some basic qualifications such as

  • Own registered SME that should be operating in Singapore
  • Use the IT solutions and equipment purchases with the grant money in Singapore
  • Should have 30% local shareholding
  • Employment size should be less than 200 employees or Annual revenue should be less than $100 million

If you will be qualified on above the basic requirements, then get the quotation from us (Pre-Approved vendor – User basic software Pte Ltd).

Then submit your application on BGP by registering for a CorpPass account to log in to the Business Grant Portal (BGP).

Are you getting any issues with submitting the application on PSG? Just reach us @ +6562271797 / +6567462613 or mail us  to get instant solution.

We also offer Custom solution software that will help you to handle all financial aspects of your business such as Generating reports to automating invoices. Many apps and tech solutions can be integrated with a customized software solution for greater efficiency.

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