Accounting Systems

Accounting Systems

There are two systems of accounting followed –

  • Single Entry System
  • Double Entry System

Single Entry System

Single entry system is an incomplete system of accounting, followed by small businessmen, where the number of transactions is very less. In this system of accounting, only personal accounts are opened and maintained by a business owner. Sometimes subsidiary books are maintained and sometimes not. Since real and nominal accounts are not opened by the business owner, preparation of profit & loss account and balance sheet is not possible to ascertain the correct position of profit or loss or financial position of business entity.

Double Entry System

Double entry system of accounts is a scientific system of accounts followed all over the world without any dispute. It is an old system of accounting. It was developed by ‘Luco Pacioli’ of Italy in 1494. Under the double entry system of account, every entry has its dual aspects of debit and credit. It means, assets of the business always equal to liabilities of the business.

Assets = Liabilities

If we give something, we also get something in return and vice versa.


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