Sage UBS Software Benefits

Sage UBS Software Benefits

In 1990 Sage UBS Software is developed by UBS Corporation Bhd. This software is simple to use and generate reports. They offer various kind of software. Such as

  • Sage UBS Accounting
  • Sage UBS Inventory and Billing
  • Sage UBS Payroll
  • Sage UBS Point of Sale

In this post, you will know about the sage UBS software benefits and features.

Benefits of Sage UBS Accounting Software

  • You can able to generate standard and user-defined financial reports
  • Improves cash flow and asset management
  • You can integrate your Sage UBS accounting software with Sage UBS stock control and sage UBS aster register.

Features of Sage UBS Accounting Software

  • All accounting functions can speed up
  • Multiple company transactions can be handled
  • Multiple currency functions
  • GST computation functions
  • Data access security
  • 18 months transactions can be handled
  • Gain and loss computation functions

Benefits of Sage UBS Inventory and Billing

  • You can integrate the Sage UBS Inventory and billing software with Sage UBS Accounting software
  • You can generate the inventory reports
  • Sales order processes and purchase can be encompassed
  • Inventory parts tracking

Features of Sage UBS Inventory and Billing

  • Multiple company transactions can be handled
  • Different levels of data security provided
  • Foreign currency can be maintained
  • Using unique serial codes you can able to track the stocks.
  • It has multiple payment modes

Using this software you can able to generate reports. Those reports are

  • Cash sales report
  • Invoices report
  • Delivery order report
  • Sales order report
  • Purchase order report
  • Stock aging reports
  • The gross profit analysis report
  • The multi-store sales analysis report
  • Yearly sales and purchase report

Benefits of Sage UBS Payroll

  • Able to track annual and monthly leaves
  • You can calculate the pay monthly wise, day-wise and hourly wise
  • Able to generate payslips

You can able to generate the following reports using this software. Those are

  • Payslip reports
  • Personnel report
  • Payroll report
  • Leave reports
  • Pay summary (includes basic pay, deductions, overtime, etc)

Benefits of Sage UBS Point of Sale

  • It helps the retail owners to track essential and relevant information for effective business growth.
  • Helps in speedup sales transactions
  • You can get customer trend analysis report.
  • Security management features

You can able to generate the following reports. Those are

  • Cash receipts reports
  • Sales analysis reports
  • Salesperson performance report
  • Inventory reports for management control

These are the features and benefits of Sage UBS software. To know more about the Sage UBS Accounting software Read our blog:

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