Quicken vs. Mint – Which Is Better One?

Quicken vs. Mint – Which Is Better One?


Quicken is a desktop application which can be installed locally on your windows.  Through the Quicken financial accounting software, you can track your money; pay bills set and keep budgets. And it helps you to manage your Investments. And this software can sync up with your mobile app.  Multiple version of Quicken application available for iPhone, iPad, and Android.


Mint is a free online personal finance app that can be accessed through any web browser and mobile app on your iPhone or Android Smartphone. Mint incorporates all of your financial accounts and provides an overview of entire financial details. During the download process, you can add your all accounts and sync the transactions. By visiting the site with Mint, the financial data are updated automatically.

Features of Quicken and Mint

  • Provides weekly email summaries
  • Monitor the credit score
  • Provide mobile support through Apple iOS and Google Android
  • Automatically import the transactions

Quicken vs. Mint

Based on the following comparison feature

  • Budgeting
  • Synchronization
  • Cost
  • Security


Both software provides automatic synchronization feature. But during the synchronization process, Mint seems a lot of technical issues and provides a bad reputation for not solving the synchronization issues in timely fashion. The same issue occurs in Quicken. But is uses Intuit’s online services to solve the synchronization issues.

Based on the above comparison Quicken is the best choice.


If your primary factor is cost then you can choose Mint which is free to use and because Quicken is paid one.


Quicken software provides some safeguard to protect your data

  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology
  • Firewall-protected servers.
  • Integrity checks between the sender and receipts
  • Provide secure passwords for the accounts

Mint provides security only via Two-factor authentication and Touch ID sensor for iOS.

Based on these security features Quicken software is the best choice. It has more functionality and can grow with over time. Based on these features you can choose quicken over Mint.

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