Perfect Inventory Management Software for Small Business

Thousands of traders, distributors & manufacturers in Singapore organize their inventory using EZ and Sage-UBS inventory every day. It’s easy to record purchases, create invoices, track sales orders, maintain warehouses and much more. Manage vendors and know whats going on with your business with just a few clicks.

Sage-UBS inventory is an advanced Inventory Management System that manages Sales, Marketing, Fulfillment, Shipping, and Warehouse operations. Key features consist of Order management, stock control, Product data management, Marketplaces, transport, purchasing/Replenishment, customer service, Warehouse.

Our inventory tracking software enables you to manage inventory across your company. Track vendors, move inventory across locations and customize low stock threshold alerts for inventory management.

EZ inventory software is designed specifically for small businesses. The system includes key features such as Allocation of different stocks locations, Costing of stocks, Salesman stocks reporting, Stock card, Item listing valuation, Billing of invoice and purchase and other billing, Stock adjustment and more. This program simplifies stock tracking by allowing users to search by serial number, lot, date, and pallet.

The system is supported by a Singapore-based technical support team, and it also includes free “SkillsFuture” training.

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