How To Find the Best Accounting Software in Singapore

How To Find the Best Accounting Software in Singapore

To find the best accounting software for small businesses, we began by asking business owners which accounting software they use, what they love about it and what they think makes it a “perfect” accounting application. We also researched popular accounting software that frequently appeared on reputable review websites, top lists and business websites.

We then created an extensive list of accounting software. It included software that we gathered from our research above as well as applications we were already familiar with and vendors who have previously pitched their software to us.

Here are the criteria we used to evaluate each  Accounting software:


Ease of use

Timesaving features

Reporting capabilities

Mobile access and mobile features

Accountant access

Service limitations, including the number of customers, invoices, users, transactions packages allow

Customer service

Additional services like credit card processing, tax preparation and payroll services

Integration with third-party apps


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