How to Estimate the Payroll Outsourcing with Multiple Software

How to Estimate the Payroll Outsourcing with Multiple Software

User Basic Software is a Singapore based company, which develops business software to serve market in Singapore. Every business starts with User Basic Software. We inspire to be the number 1 integrated business solution provider and also aim to deliver cost effective accounting software solutions to the customers.

we are currently the leading company in providing accounting software, payroll software, inventory software and many more in Singapore and Malaysia. We market software for the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) market. The company is listed on the IRAS Singapore for compliance to it’s guideline on accounting software and CPF Board Singapore for compliance to IR8A and CPF text file online submission.

Highly flexible and scalable to meet current and future requirements, our focused solutions utilise configurable data structures, customized screen presentations and workflow process management to enhance and extend the reach of your back-office teams. Payroll software provide both personnel and post-based system structures and can support a role or post & establishment organisational structures. This can help you to reduce costs, improve productivity, speed-up processing times and improve process visibility.

Our solutions are developed in partnership with users, thanks to a dedicated user group committee, and are delivered by an experienced implementation, consultancy, and support team based in Singapore.


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