How efficient and effective is your accounting and finance operation

How efficient and effective is your accounting and finance operation

The outfall from the recession has caused non-profit-making leaders to become progressively cognizant concerning the number of resources devoted to running their organization. As a result, several organizations have come back to review their business processes and/or manage their accounting operation.
Although several nonprofits have with success enforced enhancements in response to the necessity to cut costs, we tend to still realize that several organizations still have inefficient and ineffective practices. Below are the foremost common recommendations and enhancements we propose that organizations implement:

Accounts Receivable and money Receipts  
• Use of the bank’s remote deposit service.
• Constituents update their records and create payments on your website.
• The website is integrated with the association member or donor information.
• The association member or donor information is integrated with the accounting software in batch mode.
• Transactions are processed within the association or donor information exploitation a similar batching criterion as is employed by the bank with a logical batch naming theme for an easy chase.
• Credit card receipts are attributable to the organization gross of fees.
• A periodic review of credit card fees charged to the organization is conducted.
• On an everyday basis, money receipt transactions are mechanically foreign into the accounting software, instead of manually keyed.
• Cash receipts at events are processed directly on the organization’s website or via a credit card reader.
Accounts Payable
• Implementation of a paperless accounts payable system through the utilization of an internet accounts payable service or by chase seller invoices and creating ACH payments through the accounting code.
• Use of purchase cards to pay vendors.
• For larger organizations, use of a module that tracks purchase agreements such commitments is according and half-tracked.
• Use of online payroll.
• Use of an internet, a self-service module for workers to update advantages and tax withholdings.
• Automated activity.
Month End
• Asset and liability accounts are reconciled monthly.
• Bank reconciliations are ready exploitation the accounting software bank reconciliation module. As a part of the method, bank transactions are foreign into the bank reconciliation module to automatically clear matched transactions.
• General ledger detail is reviewed monthly.
• Use of monetary establishment reports contouring the reconciliation method.
• Dashboard reporting of key performance indicators.
• Financial reports are unbroken up-to-date within the report writer and found out such they’ll be run without manual changes.
• A cash flow forecast is ready and updated throughout the year to maximize the earnings and security of idle money, or to identify potential shortfalls in cash ahead of time.
• A regular analysis of web program results is performed and is shared with the Board of administrators on an annual basis.
• Monthly financial statements are reviewed and variances mentioned with every of the program managers.

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