Accounting Software Training What Works The Best

The standard options available for accounting software training, to help you decide the best way for your organization to proceed

If you are making an accounting software switch, one of the most important steps in the process is the training for those involved. Quality training can make a difference for your organization for years to come, and can also reduce the frustration of working with an unfamiliar system in the short term. Here are the standard options available for accounting software training, to help you decide the best way for your organization to proceed.

In-Program Help

Most accounting systems contain some kind of help available within the system, which can typically be accessed via the F1 command button, and is specific to the section of the program you are using. In-Program help is really not a complete training option, but be sure to make use of it while starting out in the program. Get into the habit of using F1 whenever you are on a screen you are unfamiliar. It will help greatly at the start, and as time goes on.

Online Help Documentation

Many accounting software companies provide online documentation for their products that can be accessed by users to learn more about specific topics. This information is often organized by category or function, and can usually be accessed via keyword searches as well. This can be extremely useful to those wishing to learn new processes or functions. Like in-program help, online documentation should be used in addition to full-scale training.

Live Group Training Sessions

Attending a live training session for your accounting software is an excellent way to get started using a new accounting system. You have the benefit of asking for clarification about specific items, and you can see first-hand how to complete tasks. Be sure to navigate throughout the system before attending a training session, so you are familiar enough to follow along, and prepare questions to ask during the session. Your questions can help others learn, and vice-versa.

Personalized Training

Getting personalized training for yourself and/or others involved with the accounting system is a wise investment in the future of your business. You can have the trainer show you and your staff how to handle functions that are specific to your business. Starting out with personalized training can eliminate the stress and anxiety many can feel when they are struggling to learn something new. And learning how to do things the right way can cut down on errors that can be costly and time-consuming to repair.

Investing in a new accounting software system is an important decision for your business. Ensure a smooth transition and ongoing success with your new system by getting the right training for you and your team!

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