Accounting Software Singapore

Accounting software Singapore

Most SMEs don’t have a dedicated accountant to track the accounts and perform the accounting operations for their business. But every business should keep track of cash flow management.  Without this imperative component, your business management is questionable. So we prefer accounting software to SME’s for accounting purposes. In today’s business world, most business people start using multifunctional accounting software to handle business finances. Then SMEs can simply manage their profits for a successful business.

Singapore Government has launched the iSPRINT (Increase SME Productivity with Infocomm Adoption & Transformation) scheme that provides a 70% grant for accounting software. This grant helps you to purchase the accounting software but you need trainings for software integration.

The iSRINT grant will be granted to SMEs dependent on:

  • Ensure whether they have any accounting software in existence
  • Size of the business
  • The complexity of business operations
  • Examination against the mean expense of similar accounting software

Through this scheme, active Singaporean companies will get 60 % of the cost of the accounting software and also get a tax deduction on the software cost.

you will get the following advantages in your business by using the accounting software

Accurate Tax Filing

Business owners want to error-free annual income tax returns. While filling tax report the accounting software extracts the financial information from the records and such data can be represented as profit and loss statements and balance sheets.

Point of Sales Support

Retail business owners always think to reduce their workload. So we prefer accounting software which works as an automated system to manage the retail finances and track the point of sale. By using the accounting software retail business, you can simply answer the following questions as

  • Which are today’s sales?
  • What is the current inventory state?
  • How does the salesperson perform?

To answer the above question you need proper billing and inventory management system. For a retail business, the billing systems and analytical reports play an important role.

Do you want to learn more about Singapore’s accounting software? Visit our site: We also provide various accounting software for business people such as Point of sale, Inventory management software, payroll software, UBS accounting software, MYOB Accounting Software Singapore, etc.  To get your software book your appointment with us!! Call us +65-6746 2613 or +65-6227 1797 or Email us


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