The Benefits of Payroll and Accounting Begin Built Together

The Benefits of Payroll and Accounting Begin Built Together

Here are a few of the benefits that can be achieved with a built in payroll software system as part of your accounting software:

Myob Accounting has become a household brand in Singapore and in many countries and known for it’s super easy to use accounting software functions. It has the ability to easily create chart of account, imputing daily transaction and real time viewing of accounting reports.

Efficiency – employee information is maintained in one system, accessible to everyone that needs access, while controlling what is visible to each group

Accuracy – payroll information is calculated by the software quickly and consistently

Flexibility – payroll software  can be run for different time periods where necessary. Hourly employees can be paid on a different schedule from salaried personnel, and contractors may be paid on yet another cycle.

Single Source – everyone views the same information. There are no spreadsheets or manual documents with conflicting information. Project supervisors see the same real-time information as management and human resource staff.

Reporting – A variety of reports can be tailored to specific needs, and automated to provide critical information on a timely basis.

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